Monday, July 30, 2012

Scott Terry Proposition 8 Art Work and Book Signing Coming to Utah November 2012 Walmartah Anita Bea Neutered aka Sundance 2010 wig of Shame, is welcoming Scott Terry owner of farm in California which sends food to local food banks, proud LGBT Rights activist, cowboy from Utah region back to Utah for NOVEMBER 2012 Book Signing and show of Proposition 8 artwork. See his very powerful moving video on youtube link above! Big Hug! Walmartah aka Sundance Wig of Shame (the Sundance 2010 Wig of Shame showcased in jest Lady Gaga Style head dress with names with fishing worms by them, the names of those who oppose LGBT rights....... Utahbearsplaying on Facebook Big Hug! Tom

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